What the Floof?

Ringworm – What Is It, Really?

– by Tania Sigurdson, PVHS Education Chair The first time I heard about ringworm – I assumed it involved worms.  Of course I did – it is right in the title!  I was very surprised that ringworm has literally nothing to do with worms at all.  Instead, it is a highly…

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February is Pet Dental Health Month

by Tania Sigurdson, PVHS Education Chair So, February is Pet Dental Health month and I have to confess…I have not been a great pet mum for good dental health over the years.  I have bought the little finger toothbrushes and the strangely flavoured pet toothpaste but, not unlike my own commitment…

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Clean Those Paws!

We can safely say, in Manitoba, we have a few more months of snow on the horizon.  No matter the weather, our doggos need their walkies!  However, we need to take extra precautions at this time of the year. Antifreeze, rock salt, and other de-icing chemicals can be poisonous to…

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