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Reuniting Hearts & Homes

Losing a companion pet can be a heart-wrenching experience.  If you have lost a pet of your own, or you have found a pet that someone is searching for, we can help you get that animal back home.

What Do I Do If I Found A Lost or Stray Animal?

REMINDER: the PVHS is unable to accept strays at our facility.  If you find a stray or injured animal, please contact the officer in the area in which that animal is found.


  • First, ensure your safety and the safety of the animal.  Approach it cautiously, some stray animals may be frightened or aggressive.  If the animal appears injured or in distress, call your local vet immediately.
  • If it’s safe, check for identification like a collar with tags or an ear tattoo (the vet can help you with this)
  • Contact your City or RM Office and report the lost pet; they will let you know what next steps to take (which could include reuniting it with its owner, or bringing it to the local pound to be claimed).

Monday to Friday – please call your local city/town/RM  or animal control officers at one of the numbers below to report a lost or found animal, and they will direct you to the appropriate pound.

Evenings / Weekends / Holidays – please call the appropriate number below; they may operate after hours.  For Morden, Winkler, the RM of Stanley, the RM of  Roland, or the RM of Thompson (dogs only) you may bring the animal to the Morden Veterinary Clinic on SATURDAY ONLY.  Otherwise you must call your local city/town/RM office prior to bringing the animal to the pound.

City of Morden – 204-822-2562
City of Winkler – 204-332-1653
RM of Stanley – 204-325-4101
Town of Altona – 204-324-4644
RM of Rhineland (including Gretna) – 204-324-5357 or 204-362-4854 (after hours)
Town of Carman – 204-745-6994
RM of Dufferin – 204-435-2301
RM of Roland – 204-343-2061
RM of Thompson – 204-435-2114
Town of Morris – 204-746-0593
RM of Morris – 204-746-0593
RM of Montcalm – 204-737-2271 or 204-746-0593
RM of Grey (dogs only) – 204-436-2014
Manitou / Crystal City / Pilot Mound / Swan Lake First Nations /Long Plains (dogs only) – 204-362-3318
RM of Louise – 204-873-2591
RM of De Salaberry – 204-433-7406
RM of Emerson-Franklin – 204-427-2557

What Do I Do If I Lost My Pet?

  • Stay calm and act quickly 
  • Search your home and other areas close by.  Pets sometimes hide in unexpected places
  • If you have a dog, ask neighbours if they’ve seen them recently.
  • Call the local Pound or Animal Control Officer and provide a detailed description and recent photo of your pet; keep checking with them every day.
  • Use social media and online resources. Many cities, towns or RMs in the Pembina Valley have a Lost Pets groups on Facebook. Post on your own social media platforms and ask friends to share to spread the word.  Some other websites and apps can be used – like Petfinder

What Can I Do To Prevent Losing My Pet?

  •  Ensure your animal has proper identification like pet ID tags and a collar
  • Have your pet tattooed or micro chipped at the Vet
  • Enroll in leash training classes
  • Build a secure backyard fence, and don’t leave your animal unattended
  • Stay informed with local by-laws and resources.  Knowing your local animal control laws and regulations is important for your pet’s safety and the safety of others.  Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a pet owner is also important!


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