At the Pembina Valley Humane Society, we believe in the power of compassion. LifeChangers are the backbone of our mission, providing crucial sustainability to shelter and the animals we care for. Reliable monthly income allows us to focus more on programming, education and animal care, and less on fundraising and event planning. When we know our donors are here for us, we don’t have to hesitate when we are asked to help animals in need. By making a monthly commitment, no matter how small, you play a vital role in securing the funds necessary to provide new homes for the animals in our care.


Did you know that 100 donors donating as little as $10 a month can amount to an additional $12,000 per year?

Why be a LifeChanger

There are many reasons why you should become a member of the PVHS LifeChanger Monthly Donor Program:

  •  one annual tax receipt
  •  exclusive updates/newsletters
  • it’s easy to set up online or you can fill out a form to have the amount withdrawn from your bank account
  • you are helping homeless animals each and every day throughout the year

Questions about our monthly donor program? Contact and we would be happy to chat!


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