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Safety for Everyone

The PetSafe Program, in partnership with Genesis House, began in 2021 to fill a need in Southern Manitoba.  The PetSafe Program provides short-term housing at no cost for animals belonging to individuals in crisis due to family violence or abuse.  It is completely confidential; as a safety measure for both the individual in need of support and volunteers, the individual’s identity is never disclosed.  


If you are a person seeking safety, please call the local Crisis Line at 204.325.9800 or the 24 Hour Crisis Line, toll-free, at 877.977.0007


Animals in the PetSafe Program will be placed in foster care with approved foster homes for a maximum of four weeks.  Pets will be provided with basic veterinary care, if needed, such as vaccinations and spay/neuter.  The Pembina Valley Humane Society will provide supplies like food and litter if the owner is unable to do so.  


Women wishing to access this program must be referred by Genesis House.  Pets must be in stable health; we will not take in pets that have been deemed dangerous.  Access is subject to availability and funds.  If we are unable to assist you, you may be referred to the Winnipeg Humane Society PetSafe Program. 

Help Provide Temporary Housing

If you would like to help support individuals in crisis and their loved pets, please consider becoming a PetSafe Foster and provide a safe home for animals in need.  You would be an “as-needed” foster, but would be providing an important service to your community.  Please call the shelter at 204.822.9413 or email

About Genesis House

The goal of Genesis House is that people in South-Central Manitoba will be able to live their lives free of domestic violence. Statistics show that up to 65% of women in abusive relationships delay leaving their home due to concern for their pets.  Prior to the PetSafe Program with Genesis House, many women may not have sought refuge due to the fear of leaving their pet behind.  


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