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Open your home - Fostering Saves Lives!

At the heart of the Pembina Valley Humane Society’s mission lies the invaluable commitment of our Foster Families who play a pivotal role in caring for animals facing injury, stress, or vulnerability.  Foster Families open their homes as safe havens, offering temporary care until the animal’s new family comes to bring them home.  As a Foster Family, your role is to welcome a pet (or pets) into your home and provide them with food, water, toys, and lots of love!

Why Animals Need a Foster Home

There are many reasons why a cat or dog may require a foster home:
– they are timid or anxious animals in need of socialization or a calm environment in which to relax.

 – they are nursing mothers who need a safe place for her and her offspring to grow

 – they are bottle babies without a mother who need around-the-clock care

 – they are energetic dogs who are needing a high-energy environment for play and exercise

 – they are sick or injured, recovering from a routine spay or neuter surgery or something more complicated

 – they require training or behaviour modification

Owned Pet Fostering

 In 2021, the Pembina Valley Humane Society partnered with Genesis House to fill a need in Southern Manitoba.  Our PetSafe Program provides short-term housing at no cost for animals belonging to individuals in crisis due to family violence or abuse.  

Fostering FAQs

Foster parents are typically required to be a minimum 18 years of age, and are expected to be the primary decision-maker in the household.  

No!  When you foster a cat or dog through the PVHS we will provide you with all that you need to ensure the animal’s well-being.  This includes all essential supplies such as food, litter, dishes, bedding, toys, treats, and medical costs.  You’re more than welcome to spoil your foster pet while they are in your care, but rest assured that all supplies are covered by the PVHS.  All you are required to do is provide a safe home for them and provide us with regular updates and photos to help us get them adopted.


This can vary widely as it’s tailored to each animal’s needs and circumstances.  It can be as little as a few days to a month or more.  The ultimate goal is for each animal to find a new, permanent home which hopefully will be a quick process, but their health and safety is the number one priority.

No!  You can live anywhere, provided you have the ability to bring the pet for routine veterinary checkups and meet-and-greets with potential adopters when needed.

As a rule, no!  As long as they are in a safe environment when you are at work or away from the home, you do not need to supervise them all day.

That’s what we call a Foster Fail, and they are highly encouraged!  As a Foster Family, you have the first right to adopt.  If we receive an application for a cat or dog in your care, we will advise you of such and allow you to make the decision of whether you would like to formally adopt the animal.  

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