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Surrender Fees

Kitten: $35
Litter: $50
Adult: $35


Puppy: $60
Litter: $100
Adult: $60

Animal Intake

At the Pembina Valley Humane Society, while we understand that the best place for every pet is in a home environment with their family, we also recognize that pet owners can sometimes find themselves in a situation beyond their control, leading people to inquire about our Pet Surrender policy.


Having to surrender an animal is often a difficult decision.  We strive to offer guidance to help the pet stay in their home, but if surrendering is the best course of action, we promise that we will care for the animal like they are our own and strive to find it the best new home.  

We do not accept animal drop-offs.  Oftentimes our shelter is at capacity and we may not be able to take your animal.  If we are at capacity, we cannot take in more animals until we can free up space to provide the animal the highest quality of care.The best course of action is to call the PVHS prior to coming; you may be placed on a waitlist and contacted when space for the animal becomes available.  

Yes.  The surrender fees are as follows:

  • Kittens under 1 year old – $35
  • Litter of kittens (two or more unweaned kittens from the same litter, with or without their mother) – $50
  • Adult cats over 1 year old – $35
  • Puppies under 1 year old – $60
  • Litter of puppies (two or more unweaned puppies from the same litter, with or without their mother) – $100
  • Adult dogs over 1 year old – $60

It’s very stressful for an animal that has been surrendered to be left for a second time by their owner.  It’s in the animal’s best interest that we don’t allow visits after surrender.

We are not able to accept stray animals at our shelter.  If you find a stray animal, please contact the Animal Control Officer in the area in which the animal was found.

  • Have I sought guidance from experts regarding behaviour problems or allergies?  If so, have I followed their advice and given it enough time?
  • Have I spread the word through family, friends, and coworkers that I need to rehome my animal?
  • Have I contacted the shelter/breeder/person I got the animal from?
  • If the animal is a purebred, have I tried contacting a rescue group for that breed?
  • Have I visited the Learning Corner on the PVHS website to learn more about how I can potentially tackle the concerns I am having with the animal? 


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