Humane Education Starts With You

The PVHS Learning Center is here to help with all those important pet-related questions and concerns.  Find resources and guidance when you’re unsure of what to do.  


It’s important to emphasize responsible pet ownership, including spaying/neutering, regular veterinary care, and providing a loving and safe environment for your pet.  The PVHS Learning Center provides many great resources for all pet owners (and animal lovers), offering you support for all pet-related issues.

Cat Care

Discover the best ways to pamper and show love to your favourite feline! From grooming tips to creating a cozy haven, to fun cat-related articles, you’ll learn, well…all about cats!

Dog Care

Unleash the secrets to being the expert on all things dog! Exercise routines, training techniques, and fun dog stories from around the world, all at your fingertips!

Lost & Found Animals

Have you lost a pet, or have you found a stray? We can help you with essential steps to take when your pet goes missing, and advice on how to help get lost pets back home.

Local Experts

Our directory of trusted veterinarians, skilled trainers and more will help you keep your pet happy, healthy, and safe.

Engaging Minds: Activities for All Ages

For Parents

Discover engaging activities that allow parents to bond with their beloved pets while creating lasting memories. From pet-friendly outings to DIY toy crafting, explore ways to strengthen the family-pet connection.

For Kids

Explore a world of fun and learning as kids connect with their furry friends. Delve into the joy of storytime with pets, embark on exciting treasure hunts, and learn about responsible pet care through interactive activities.

For Teens

Unleash the creativity and responsibility of teenagers with activities tailored to their interests. From organizing pet-themed events to mastering advanced training techniques, teens can make a positive impact on their pets' lives.

For Educators

Empower educators to integrate the love of animals into their teaching. Discover classroom-friendly resources, ideas for pet-themed projects, and ways to instill compassion for animals in students.