Indoor Activities for You & Your Dog

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Keep your dog active and happy throughout the colder months!

As the winter months settle in and the temperature drops, it’s not just us humans who feel the need to stay warm and cozy indoors. Our dogs also crave companionship and engaging activities during the colder days. While it might be tempting to hibernate on the couch with your pup, there are plenty of indoor activities to keep both you and your dog entertained and active. Let’s explore some easy ways to beat the winter blues with your pup.

  1. Hide and Seek:
    Turn your home into a playground by playing a game of hide and seek. Grab your dog’s favourite toy or treat, let them see it, and then hide it in another room. Encourage your dog to find it, and reward them with praise and treats when they succeed. This mentally stimulating game not only keeps your dog active but also strengthens the bond between you.
  2. Indoor Obstacle Course:
    Create an indoor obstacle course using household items like chairs, cushions, and blankets. Guide your dog through the course, incorporating commands and treats for motivation. Not only does this provide physical exercise, but it also enhances your dog’s agility and responsiveness.
  3. DIY Puzzle Toys:
    Keep your dog’s mind engaged by crafting DIY puzzle toys. Fill a Kong or other treat-dispensing toy with your pup’s favourite snacks, or hide treats within a homemade puzzle feeder. Watching your dog work to retrieve the treats will not only entertain them but also challenge their problem-solving skills.
  4. Interactive Toys and Games:
    Invest in interactive toys designed to keep your dog mentally stimulated. Puzzle feeders, squeaky toys, and treat-dispensing balls are excellent choices. Engage in games like tug-of-war or fetch to burn off excess energy while staying warm indoors.
  5. “Life Skills” Training:
    Winter months offer an excellent opportunity to reinforce or teach new skills to your dog. Spend some time each day practicing basic life skills like sit, stay, and lie down. Positive reinforcement, such as treats or praise, encourages your dog to learn and follow commands, promoting a well-adjusted and happy pup.
  6. Homemade Dog Treat Baking:
    Get creative in the kitchen by baking homemade dog treats. Many simple recipes use dog-friendly ingredients like peanut butter, pumpkin, or sweet potatoes. Baking together not only provides a tasty reward for your pup but also allows you to share a bonding experience. See some ideas here!
  7. Doggy Playdates:
    Arrange playdates with other dog owners in a spacious, dog-friendly indoor facility. This provides your dog with the opportunity to socialize and burn off energy while you enjoy the company of fellow pet enthusiasts.

Winter doesn’t have to mean a sedentary lifestyle for you and your dog. By incorporating these indoor activities into your routine, you can keep your dog active, engaged, and happy throughout the colder months. Remember to adapt the activities to your dog’s age, size, and health, and most importantly, have fun together in the warmth of your home.

Last modified: March 2, 2024