2023 Most Popular Pet Names

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Did your pet’s name crack 2023’s Top 10?

Every year, the folks over at Rover compile their list of the most popular dog and cat names of the previous year. Did your pet’s name make the list (a few from the PVHS made it into the top 10)?

2023 Top Dog Names

Pop culture plays a huge role in the naming of pets. Pedro is up for dogs by 51%, Barbie is up 34%, and Grogu is up 91%. Wednesday is trending up 49%. 

Pet parents are also in their “Dog Names Era”, with Karma up 66% (Lover, Swifty, and Shimmer are new to the list for dogs this year). Dogs named Kelce haven’t yet hit the list, but the name Gretzky for dogs is up 591%.

Food-related names are popular as well, as naming one’s dog Cupcake is up a whopping 358%!

2023 Top Cat Names

Much like dogs, cat parents are heavily influenced by pop culture. Pedro is up 23%, while Pascal is up 473% (no rating yet for Pawdro Pspscal). In a nod to Barbie, Margot is up 12%, while Sasha is up 16%. The Mandalorian is continuing to inspire, with Mando up 473%!

Cat parents are Swifties too, with the names Swifty up 173% and Olivia Benson up 58%. K-Pop is also influencing names…Jin is up 273%.

When your kitty is so cute you just want to eat them up, they get food-related names! Both Burrito and Cake are up 773%, with Brie and Chips up 207%. And for the sweetest kitties of all, Snickers as a name for cats is up 158%.

Not many cat parents name their pets after sports stars, but Brady as a name is still up 273%. And if it’s 420 for your cat, the name Mary Jane is up a whopping 473%.

Statistics courtesy of Rover.com

Last modified: January 13, 2024