Adoptable Dogs


Shepherd x
Age: 9 years

Max is a very large senior boy looking for the perfect home to live out the rest of his years in. Although he is a very large dog Max is very gentle and well behaved with people. He can be very picky about the dogs he gets along with and does not seem to get along with cats very well. Max has met 2 smaller dogs and did great! He responded well to their corrections when he was getting to pushy, but we of course recommend a slow introduction due to his size and strength. Max has started to become very playful with staff here at the shelter. He absolutely loves to play tug of war and wrestle!  He is fairly well mannered and knows basic commands like sit and is getting better with stay. Unfortunately Max has had a complicated past which we don’t know a lot about but we are excited to help him find his new forever home!


*Please Note: Max has started to developed arthritis in his hips, knees, and elbows and will need to be on supplements to help ease his discomfort.

Adoption Fee: $175.00

  • Energy Level: Medium
  • Size:Extra Large ( 120 pounds)
  • Ok with Dogs: Very Slow Introduction
  • Ok with Cats: NO
  • Ok with Children: 8 years or older recommended (This means that to our knowledge, the cat hasn’t shown aggressive or predatory behaviour & appears to have a temperament that is likely to be compatible with children. This is not a guarantee of your child’s safety.)
  • BEST TYPE OF OWNER: Capable (prior experience beneficial)

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