The Importance of Grooming

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– by Anny, CPG CSP
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Let’s talk about the importance regular maintenance for our pets.  This includes a variety of things including tooth brushing, nail trims, bathing, drying, brushing and combing.  It’s really important to introduce your cat or dog to these things from day one so that it simply becomes a part of a daily routine.  Regular grooming by a professional alongside maintenance at home will keep your pet in tip top shape.  There are many different coat  types, and some are much more high maintenance than others so, be sure to talk to a professional about what your pet requires.  

Brushing your pets teeth can definitely be a challenge, but being consistent and doing it daily is important.  Cleaning the ears with a cotton swab and ear solution will keep them fresh and,  alert you to any infection issues.  Nail trimming should be done anywhere from weekly to monthly depending on your pets activity level and how quickly they wear down.  It is very painful for pets whose nails become overgrown because it alters their ability to step properly.  Going over your dog after daily exercise with a brush and comb is a great way to relax and bond.  Ask a groomer about the tools appropriate for your pets coat and be sure to focus on the high friction areas (legs, neck, belly, tail) the back is the area that is less likely to knot but that most owners focus their brushing on.

Keeping your pet free of knots and matting allows their coat to properly function.  If the coat is really densely packed, knotted, or matted it cannot function properly (cooling them off, keeping them warm, protecting the skin) and can cause serious skin issues and discomfort.  Pet shampoo has come a long way and, using a high quality product, it’s safe to bathe them weekly if needed.  Be sure to dry the coat completely to prevent hot spots or other skin issues.  Brush out knots prior to bathing as getting them wet will only make them tighter.  Using a leave in conditioner/detangling spray is a great option.

Cats require grooming as well and starting young will help desensitize them to the process.  Cats can be bathed just like dogs BUT the products must specifically say they are safe for use on cats.  They are extremely sensitive and products not labeled safe can be toxic. 

Talk to a groomer about the tools and products your pet requires.  If you’re unsure about how to properly brush and comb, book a little training session with a groomer to discuss and be shown how to use the tools and products.

Hope this information helps you keep your furry friends comfy and beautiful!

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Last modified: March 2, 2024