Become A Foster

“Fostering is a great way to give back to shelter animals. You can provide stressed animals with a safe haven, and help them overcome their fears. It’s rewarding to see them grow each day, and be part of their adoption journey!” – Tanya

The Pembina Valley Humane Society is grateful for the compassionate care, dependability and skills that our volunteers bring to the benefit of the animals in our care. Individuals from our community commit time, talents and donations to assist staff and support the animal programs that allow us to continue the important work that we do in animal welfare in the Pembina Valley.

Our foster program is a unique way to directly help an animal. We rely a great deal on foster homes to support the number of animals and the variety of conditions that occur.

What animals require foster homes and why?

Circumstances where an animal benefits from fostering include:

  • Requiring daily medical attention or observations which are best done away from other animals
  • being extremely frightened of the shelter environment
  • requiring a special diet that is more easily administered by one person consistently
  • being “overflow” animals that could not be housed in the shelter if the kennels are at capacity
  • being long-term “residents” at the shelter and need a break from it, into a quiet, calmer place
  • requiring additional training that capable fosters are able to provide

Since puppies and kittens draw a lot of attention and interest, we typically do not place them into foster care, unless there is a special reason for doing so.

How long do animals stay in foster?

All foster placements are done on 30-day terms. A foster home may be contacted by a PVHS team member near the term’s end date to assess the animal. The Animal Care Coordinator will determine if the animal would benefit from another term and discuss with the foster home if they are willing to continue fostering.

Who pays the expenses for food, medical treatments and other supplies?

The PVHS appreciates when foster homes donate supplies but we don't require that foster homes do so. We always provide the food and other supplies can be provided where needed. Supplies are available at the shelter and arrangements can be made for pick up during the term.

Are foster animals available for adoption?

Foster animals remain available for adoption during their stay in a foster home and potential adopters may wish to meet the animal. Foster homes may be asked to accommodate the animal by meeting potential adopters either in the foster home or by temporarily bringing the animal to the shelter.

Many foster homes fall in love with their foster animal and wish to keep it. Foster families are given priority over other interested adopters and at any point during the 30-day term may adopt their foster animal as long as municipal by-laws are adhered to. Regular adoption fees are applicable.

If you are interested in becoming a foster, please download the Foster Application.  When you have filled it in, please save it to your computer, then email it to

“Our family has been fostering with the PVHS for years. We have had many successful adoptions that have been as a direct result of family or friends that have met our fosters and ended up adopting them. Fostering is such a rewarding opportunity, to be able to care for and sometimes help an animal become a better fit for adoption. It warms your heart to finally see that animal go home!” – Laurie & Denis