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Winslow has been with us for seven months, and after being in his foster home for a while, he has shown how amazing he is when given the right chance.

For the first few weeks in his foster home, Winslow kept to himself and spent his days hiding from his foster parents. With the introduction of two kittens into the foster home, his personality started to take a turn. He would spend more time out and about, playing or cuddling with the kittens, or even saying hi to his fosters a few times.

After two months in the foster home, despite the kittens having moved on, he has become a completely different cat! Instead of being scared about his surroundings, he has been very curious of them, wanting to explore and inspect everything around him. Once he has grown used to someone, he wants everything to do with them, talking to you quite a lot, and hanging out until his social battery runs low. When his people are missing and he doesn’t know where they went, he will call out, trying to find them.

Some of his favourite activities include; getting pets and scratches from people on his terms, cuddling up on a soft surface with or without another cat, and playing with wand toys.

Winslow has come a long way with us and has shown how sweet of a cat he can be with time. Important things that his adoptive home will need to keep in mind is that he needs at least two months to get mostly comfortable…he won’t be perfect right from the start. Having another cat will be a must, without a companion to learn from, Winslow will take much longer to get comfortable. While he might do well with a cat-savvy dog, a slow introduction will be necessary to make sure the dog won’t make him more scared and nervous.

Note, the adoption fee for a pet adopted from the Pembina Valley Humane Society includes their spay/neuter surgery, age-appropriate vaccines and boosters, and a post-adoption veterinary exam at a local clinic.

Birthdate:  April 2021
Sex:  Male
Adoption Fee:  SPONSORED

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In Memory of Brad Wall


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