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Montana is a very sweet and gentle cat, she loves to get pets and scratches but isn’t the most comfortable with being held. Since being separated from her kittens, she has been enjoying her time relaxing in a cat room with the other mothers, relaxing up in her cat room in the sun.

She’s a very friendly cat who will love a calmer home that she can rest in and get pets and scratches when she wants them. She has done well with cats but has never met a dog, so a slow introduction will be important.

Note, the adoption fee for a pet adopted from the Pembina Valley Humane Society includes their spay/neuter surgery, age-appropriate vaccines and boosters, and a post-adoption veterinary exam at a local clinic.

Birthdate:  April 2023
Sex:  Female
Adoption Fee:  $100.00

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In Memory of Brad Wall


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