Spring Melt Clean Up

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Get a handle on your yard while the ground is still frozen.

Woman cleaning up dog poop

~ by Tania Sigurdson, PVHS Education Chair

Okay dog owners, if you are like me, during the winter months you many not always diligent about getting out there and picking up the dog poop in the back yard in the snow storms and winter winds.  Which means that as the snow has begun to melt over the last few weeks, the thawing minefield of doggy poop is beginning to make itself visible.  So, today I am going to share with you my well-seasoned tips on how to get busy getting the yard cleaned up.  We all know that the longer you wait –the more challenging it becomes. You for sure want to get in there while things are still a bit frozen.

Tip number 1: Just get to it! As the snow melts, you will see the poop-prizes appear.  Think of it like a fun treasure hunt!  Grab a long handled scoop and get busy.  I have a poop bucket that I bring around with me to deposit the treasure.  On melting days, and with the gift of the sun staying up a bit longer each day, I try to get out every day to pick up a little bit more.

Tip number 2: When you think you have found it all….look again! By the time the snow and ice have all melted, then I also need to start collecting the sticks and leaves that fell after the fist snow that may be hiding the final poop-treasures underneath.  I like to think of it as “leveling-up” in the video game of poop treasure hunting! 

Tip number 3: Keeping the mess outside. My dogs also love getting right down to the ground sniffing and playing in the puddles and in the muddy grass as spring gets closer.  Keeping an old towel at the back door for paw & belly clean-up before they are allowed back into the house is necessary to keep the mess outside. 

Ultimately, as unfortunate as this spring melt and annual backyard poop clean-up party is, it is always worth the effort to have a nice clean yard when the grass starts to grow back in and the pups are enjoying the sunshine in the upcoming sunny days of summer.

Happy Spring Cleaning!

Last modified: March 2, 2024