Meet Our Board & Staff


Shelter Manager

Jennifer brings a wealth of passion and experience to the PVHS team.  As a true animal lover, her journey started as a volunteer and board member.  When the opportunity came to take a more in-depth role at the shelter, she eagerly embraced it.  When she isn’t at the shelter, she’s at home with her family including two dogs, a Frenchie/Chihuahua and full Chihuahua.  

Jennifer is excited to be part of the PVHS and is committed to its ongoing success, and looks forward to making a positive difference in the lives of animals and the community we serve.


Animal Care Coordinator

Kathleen started as our Summer Student, but we knew we didn’t want to lose her so we brought her on to the team permanently. She’s always loved animals and her dream has been to work with animals. She is now living her dream working at the shelter and has a miniature poodle named Suki. Kathleen enjoys spending her free time with her pup, family and friends.


Community Engagement & Animal Care Support

Josh has lived in the Pembina valley for his entire life, and has had the pleasure of growing up surrounded by cats and dogs the entire time. Josh is passionate about everything related to animals, and was thrilled to be given the opportunity to work at PVHS over the summer…we liked him so much we brought him on as a permanent staff member!  When he’s not working at the shelter, he spends his time playing with his cat, helping out with the 3 family dogs, or hanging out with friends.


Office Assistant (Summer Student)

Sevana has joined our team for this summer as an office assistant to help out the shelter! She is excited to get to know the shelter animals over the coming months as well as help them find their forever homes! When she is not at the shelter, you will find her at home spending time with her dogs.


Director of First Impressions

Morticia is our official greeter and Director of First Impressions.  She has the most seniority of anyone on staff, and she doesn’t let anyone forget it.  After a few adoption attempts over the years, we realized that she was most happy lording over the shelter, and she has been a permanent fixture for the past five years.



Audrey was born and raised in Morden, MB and even after living in Calgary for 10 years considers herself a country girl at heart.  She currently is a co-owner and COO of a Morden based manufacturing company.  She has several rescued and adopted animals – from senior dogs, abandoned cats, parrots and even a rescued pigeon!  Audrey looks forward to serving on the PVHS board and leading the shelter towards growth and sustainability.


Vice Chair

Scott is a financial advisor and has worked in the business community for 20+ years.  He has experience on several boards.  He and his wife support multiple animal charities and enjoy fostering dogs.  Scott is passionate about giving back to the community and strongly believes that every pet should be safe, healthy and happy.  He looks forward to contributing to the board and the shelter.



Tyler is a long-time resident of the Pembina Valley area, pictured with his dogs Sherlock and Watson. He has a passion for animal welfare and has previously served on the PVHS board as Treasurer and he was thrilled to come back to reprise his role on the board. With a background in finance and accounting, he uses his business acumen to meaningfully contribute to the operations and long-term strategy of the organization.



Kirby previously served on the PVHS board as the Fundraising Chair as well as volunteered at the shelter for over five years before taking some time off.  She is so happy to be back with PVHS because of her love for animals!  When she’s not volunteering she spends her time at the lake with her dog Blue.


Human Resources Chair

Kiana has lived in the Pembina Valley for the majority of her life and considers this home with her husband and her pup, Millie. Kiana currently works in HR with a tech startup company that creates software for nonprofits, making this HR Chair opportunity with the PVHS Board a great way to share her experience with a local organization that carries so much impact in the community! 


Sponsorship Chair

Tanya volunteered with the PVHS for 9 years before joining our team as the Sponsor Chair. She’s been helping with fundraising events in many different capacities and can also be seen regularly playing with the dogs in our backyard and snapping photos for our website. Tanya has one rescue dog Sadie and has fostered 30 animals for us. When she’s not volunteering she enjoys being outdoors and travelling.


Donor Chair

Amy has been an animal lover her entire life.  Passionate about the rescue industry, Amy has worked and volunteered for various animal rescues for most of her adult life. She brings a background in marketing, event planning, relationship building, volunteer engagement and donor relations to this new role on the PVHS board. When not volunteering her time Amy can be found cycling (summer & winter), walking the dog, or spending time with her daughter. 


Grants Chair

Kristina has either volunteered, fostered, or worked with rescue animals since she was a teenager, so she is very excited to join the PVHS Board. She graduated from the University of Manitoba with an MA in English in 2008 and has been successfully writing grants ever since. When she’s not writing or editing, Kristina can be found snuggling her 4 dogs who range in size from small to extra large. She also enjoys reading, geocaching, and spending time with her husband and young son.


Marketing & Public Relations Chair

Holly comes to us from Winnipeg, having followed her heart to Winkler to be with a man who is incredibly allergic to animals.  However, she managed to convince him that we needed to adopt our boy Freddie from the PVHS! She is able to channel her passion for animal welfare into the role of Public Relations Chair to help all of the animals find their fur-ever homes.


Fundraising Chair

Caitlin moved to Morden 7 years ago and has been volunteering at the humane society since then. She has volunteered in a few different positions, and loved them all, but fundraising seems to be her calling. She is the proud owner of 2 PVHS alumni, Thor and Loki (formerly Brookes and Dunn) and has fostered a number of other animals for the shelter. She has a passion for sports, education, pop culture, and animal advocacy.


Fundraising Co-Chair

Karlie moved to the Pembina Valley in 2019. Having grown up around animals her whole life, Karlie is passionate about animal welfare and excited to be a member of the Pembina Valley Humane Society. When not working or volunteering, Karlie enjoys reading, writing, baking, and fantasy hockey.


Education Chair

Tania has been a happy dog chore volunteer for the last number of years and has had the pleasure to both foster and adopt through PVHS.  Tania is passionate about animals & education and at PVHS she has found both.  Tania is excited to be a member of the PVHS board and is looking forward to the many furry adventures ahead.


Honorary Board Member

Laurie is the first Honorary Board Member of the Pembina Valley Humane Society. Her years of service have been invaluable to the shelter, and we can’t think of a better way to honour our “little engine that could”.

Join Us

We are on the lookout for people with strong leadership capabilities who would like to join our Board of Directors. At the moment, we are especially interested in candidates who have experience in HR, finance, grant writing, and donor/community relations. If you have any of these skills, we encourage you to submit your application.

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