AMAZING NEWS!  Barney is doing SO WELL with his new family! Many of you will remember this shy, withdrawn doggo who came to us in January from a backyard breeding environment. He was scared and needed dental and multiple eye surgeries. After spending time in foster, his true, loving self emerged, and his new family came to adopt him.

They recently sent us this update: In the first few weeks Barney would get recognized all around town! We would take him for walks and people would call from their driveways “Is that the dog from the humane society?”. Or they would drive up, roll their windows down and yell “Is that Barney?” I didn’t realize we adopted a dog that was so famous!

Unfortunately at his checkup after adopting Barney, it was determined that he needed a second entropion eye surgery. He had the surgery August 15 and it went well.

Since then, he has improved greatly. He has opened up and become much more playful, intiating play on his own. He still loves his ball, going for walks and tug. We are still working on sit, stay, down etc but we are just so grateful to see him relaxed and happy in our home. He such a character; goofy and playful but also relaxed and super cuddly. He is definitely a people dog, just loves to hang out wherever the people are at!

This is why we do what we do at the Pembina Valley Humane Society.  Help us help them…become a volunteer, foster, or a PVHS LifeChanger!