Pee Breaks Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide

  • Sign in on the laptop.
  • Lock volunteer entrance behind you.
  • Open up all guillotine doors (doggy doors) for all kennels with outdoor access (unless of course they are already open such as in the summer)
  • Clean up messes that have been made in the kennels (following chore order!)
    • pick up poop, and clean up urine
  • Empty mop water outside, away from areas where the animals and people will be walking (i.e. by the parking lot, in the grassy field or out back by the side fence)
    • Do NOT dump mop water down the tub or the toilet.
  • Rinse mop pail out and put back where it originally came from.
  • Place dirty mop pads in the laundry.
  • Fill the water jugs kept either above or below the sink in the dog prep room with fresh, clean water
  • Use the above water jugs and go around and top up each dogs water dish (following chore order)
  • Take the dogs without outside access out back, one at a time, on leash, into the backyard for a pee/poop break
    • make sure you use a baggy to pick up poop messes
    • do not take dogs out into the front yard for pee breaks as it kills the grass and leaves the area unattractive for visitors.
  • Make sure all dogs are inside the building and lock them in by closing ALL guillotine doors (doggy doors)
    • make sure ALL dogs are locked inside the building before you leave!
    • if a dog is difficult to get inside, you may have to go outside and collect them from their outside kennel and bring them into the building on leash
    • there may be a dog with special instructions that indicate to leave the guillotine door open
    • if a dog has their guillotine door propped open with a bungee cord, please remove the cord from the kennel and hang on the outside of the kennel to prevent injury to the animal
  • Ensure all outside kennels and gates are secure.
  • Turn off all lights and make sure you lock all doors before leaving.
  • Sign out on the laptop.

Extended Pee Breaks

For those of you who perform an “extended pee break” by taking all dogs out into the back yard for exercise, please note the following:

  • If you are alone, you may ONLY take one dog out at a time, and the dogs MUST be on leash at ALL times
  • If there are others with you, (they need to be out back as well, not just in the building) you may take out a MAXIMUM of 2 dogs at one time into the back to run. You must refer to the whiteboard at the top of the stairs for dog pairings and must ONLY put dogs together that are on that list.
  • Dogs must be supervised at ALL TIMES
  • Under no circumstances is anyone to introduce dogs to one another or mingle dogs that are not on the whiteboard list.