Safety is a huge concern for us here at PVHS! While we love our pets it’s important to remember they are still animals and can act out if frightened or upset. Please see the brochure in regards to safety for children and animals.

We are always willing to make visits to the community to educate children about animal safety and responsible pet ownership. If your school or group would like us to visit your classroom or meeting please contact our team at 204.822.9413.

Summer Safety Tips

  • NEVER leave an animal in a hot car. It takes only minutes for an animal to get heat stroke and suffocate. No matter how short your shopping trip, bring your pet home first!
  • Pavement! When out for a nice relaxing walk, remember to hold your hand on the pavement for 5 seconds. If it’s too hot for you, it’s too hot for Fido!
  • When outside for long periods of time (or even short!) make sure you have plenty of water for you AND your pet. Stay in the shade whenever possible. Hotdogs are fun in the summer. Hot DOGS are not.
  • Haircuts! If your pet has a nice thick coat, consider a trip to the groomer. But be warned! A dog’s coat also protects it from sunburns and helps regulate temperature.
  • Even inside where it’s cooler, make sure your pets always have clean, fresh water available.
  • If your windows are open and have no screen, close it quick! It only takes a second for a normally graceful cat to slip and fall, and finding Fluffy is a lot harder than closing the window.