What to do if you find a stray animal

REMINDER: the PVHS is unable to accept strays at our facility.  If you find a stray or injured animal, please contact the officer in the area in which that animal is found.

Monday to Friday - please call your local city/town/RM  or animal control officers at one of the numbers below to report a lost or found animal, and they will direct you to the appropriate pound.

Evenings / Weekends / Holidays - please call the appropriate number below; they may operate after hours.  For Morden, Winkler, the RM of Stanley, the RM of  Roland, or the RM of Thompson (dogs only) you may bring the animal to the Morden Veterinary Clinic on SATURDAY ONLY.  Otherwise you must call your local city/town/RM office prior to bringing the animal to the pound.

If you have no after-hour services:

  • post the found pet in local community groups on social media
  • check for any identification
  • if you are unable to hold the animal until the next business day (or it is an emergency) call your local police station or RCMP office (DO NOT CALL 911)

Local Animal Control Officers

City of Morden - 204-822-2562

City of Winkler - 204-332-1653

RM of Stanley - 204-325-4101

Town of Altona - 204-324-4644

RM of Rhineland (including Gretna) - 204-324-5357 or 204-362-4854 (after hours)

Town of Carman - 204-745-6994

RM of Dufferin - 204-435-2301

RM of Roland - 204-343-2061

RM of Thompson - 204-435-2114

Town of Morris - 204-746-0593

RM of Morris - 204-746-0593

RM of Montcalm - 204-737-2271 or 204-746-0593

RM of Grey (dogs only) - 204-436-2014

Manitou / Crystal City / Pilot Mound / Swan Lake First Nations /Long Plains (dogs only) - 204-362-3318

RM of Louise - 204-873-2591

RM of De Salaberry - 204-433-7406

RM of Emerson-Franklin - 204-427-2557



Animal Emergency Numbers

Provincial Chief Veterinarian – 1-204-945-8000 or 1-888-945-8001
Paw Tipsters (in conjunction with CrimeStoppers) – 204-786-8477

Morden Vet – 204-822-4333
Winkler Vet –204-331-4200
Carman Vet –204-745-3127
Pilot Mound Vet –204-825-2759
Notre Dame Vet –204-248-2310
Ste. Pierre Vet - 204-433-7956
Gladstone / Morris Vet –204-385-2892

Morden Police –204-822-4900
Winkler Police –204-325-9990

Morden RCMP –204-822-5469
Altona RCMP –204-324-6970
Carman RCMP – 204-745-6773
Treherne RCMP – 204-723-2345