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Kika has completely come out of her shell, and has shown us just how amazing a cat she is. She used to keep to herself and would stay as far out of reach as she could of people, but now she will come up to you when you enter her room and rub against you for attention. When it comes to being held, she’s not a fan, and will try to get away, but will quickly forgive you and come back for love. She is obsessed with love, and will reward all the pets or scratches you give her with lots of bread making.

She has done fantastic with the other cat that is in her room, so a home that has another feline friend would be ideal. Kika does need some space at first to get used to a new environment, so a home that can give her the space and quiet she needs to warm up would be best.

Note, the adoption fee for a pet adopted from the Pembina Valley Humane Society includes their spay/neuter surgery, age-appropriate vaccines and boosters, and a post-adoption veterinary exam at a local clinic.

Birthdate:  July 2021
Sex:  Female
Adoption Fee:  $100.00

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