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Joey has a little less confidence than his human alter-ego. While he’s more into “you do you and I’ll do me” than “how you doing?” he is getting more social every day and will even purr when you pet him now…his meows are very expressive with lots of little chirps!

Joey has been spending time in foster, and here’s what they’ve said about their houseguest:  “He has become super sociable…his first few days here were very very shy but since then he has really opened up. He is now comfortable with being picked up, my husband holds him like a baby and I hold him over my shoulder and he is comfortable staying in those positions and purrs and often runs up to us for attention.

He is very smart! We bought a level three cat puzzle and he figured it out within the hour and had all the treats. His nose was very pink from sniffing so hard haha. His favourite place to sleep is either the window bed or our sock basket!  We made him a blanket fort every night and he loves that along with his other favourite toys, the laser, the wand with a ribbon on it because he chewed through the fish toy on it, and his multiple balls that he chases around the house. 

For a previously stray cat, he is not food-aggressive at all…not for human food either. In the morning when he hears our alarms go off, he’ll come into the bed and snuggle with us.

His only drawback is that he likes to nibble toes and fingers.  We know he does it out of affection but it still hurts a little bit.

Note, the adoption fee for a pet adopted from the Pembina Valley Humane Society includes their spay/neuter surgery, age-appropriate vaccines and boosters, and a post-adoption veterinary exam at a local clinic.

Birthdate:  May 2023
Sex:  Male
Adoption Fee:  $150.00

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