Protecting Your Dogs Paws from the Summer Heat

Remember when you were a kid and you SO looked forward to summer so that you could go barefoot everywhere?  Then, of course, you go to the pool or walk on your driveway and OUCH!  That’s super hot pavement!  That’s how your pupper feels when you take him for a walk on the pavement on a hot summer day.    Here are some tips on how to tell if your dog has been injured from hot pavement, some first aid tips and ways to prevent burned pads!

  • Dogs showing these signs may have burned pads:
  • Limping or avoiding walking
  • Licking or chewing feet
  • Paw pads are darker in colour than normal
  • Pads are visibly damaged
  • Blisters or redness

If you suspect your dog has burned paws, bring your dog inside right away.  Carry them if necessary.  Flush the foot with cold water or use a cold compress, and try to keep them from licking the injured area.  Take your dog to the vet as soon as possible as burns can become infected.  He may need antibiotics or pain medication depending on the severity.

So how do you protect your dog’s paws from the heat?

  • Dog booties or socks help shield against the hot pavement
  • Try to avoid walking on streets or sidewalks in the middle of the day.  Try to head for grass whenever possible
  • Take your dog for walks on pavement when the weather is cooler…this will help the dog form calluses which make the skin thicker and less prone to burns or other injuries