Memorials & Bequeathments

In Memoriam donations are a wonderful way to honor the memory of a loved one. You can contact the shelter to request cards be made available at your loved ones memorial.  Donations over $20 are eligible for a tax receipt. You can simply drop the cards off at our shelter and we will mail out the individual tax receipts.
We will also mails out cards to the family at request letting them know of donations made in their loved ones name.

There are many ways to remember PVHS in your will. No amount is too small. A will is much more than a legal document. It allows you the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.
You may leave:
– Specific sum of money
– Residue of an estate
– A percentage of the whole residue of the estate (a gift of whatever is left of your estate after all your other gifts have been fulfilled. This type of bequest allows you to decide how much you want to leave to your loved ones, while leaving the rest for PVHS)
– Stocks, bonds and mutual funds
– Your bequest may be directed for a specific use if you so choose
Your will should be made in consultation with your lawyer. This ensures that the document is legally binding.