Adoptable Dogs


Rottie x
Age: 1 year

Floyd came to us from animal control as an unclaimed stray. It was very clear to us when Floyd first arrived that he had not been treated very well. He was absolutely terrified and would not come within 5 feet of our staff. Once he had some time to settle in and realized that we were good people we saw a miraculous change.

Floyd has now been in care for just over a week and just the sweetest guy. He can still be a bit skittish and shy in new situations but adjusts very quickly. He is quite playful when comfortable in his surroundings and seems to do well with most dogs. He does need some basic training but we are sure he would be quick to pick things up. He loves to run as fast as he can all over the backyard and will occasionally snag a squeaky toy along the way if he can. Floyd is always sure to come back and check in with you for some cuddles before running off again to play. He is very curious of his environments and would love a family that was willing to take him on all kinds of adventures!

We are still learning more about Floyd and will post when are able to share more!

Adoption Fee: $230.00

  • Energy Level: Medium
  • Size:Medium ( 27 kg)
  • Ok with Dogs:Yes- slow introduction
  • Ok with Cats: Uncertain
  • Ok with Children: 10 years or older recommended (This means that to our knowledge, the cat hasn’t shown aggressive or predatory behaviour & appears to have a temperament that is likely to be compatible with children. This is not a guarantee of your child’s safety.)
  • BEST TYPE OF OWNER: Capable (prior experience beneficial)

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