Adoptable Dogs


Lab x
Age: 1 year

Buster came to us from the Thompson area as a stray.  He is approximately 1 year old and still has some puppy behaviors he needs help learning not to do. Due to being a stray in the community he was from he has no training, so he will need someone with a lot of patience to help him learn what is appropriate. Although Buster has no training he tries his very best to be everyone’s best friend. He is very friendly but as stated before just needs to be taught appropriate behaviors when doing so.

Buster has done very well with the few dogs we have introduced him to here at the shelter and had no problem sharing his toys with them. Of course we recommend a slow and proper introduction to any dogs he would be living or interacting with on a regular basis to ensure the most successful outcome. We have not tested him with cats or small dogs. We have not tested him with children but would suggest a home with older children at this time just due to his lack of training. Buster is also a very active dog so an active family who likes going for plenty of walks and outdoor adventures would be perfect for this guy!

Adoption Fee: $230.00

  • Energy Level: Medium
  • Size:Medium/Large (60 pounds)
  • Ok with Dogs:Yes- slow introduction
  • Ok with Cats: Uncertain
  • Ok with Children: 12 years or older recommended (This means that to our knowledge, the cat hasn’t shown aggressive or predatory behaviour & appears to have a temperament that is likely to be compatible with children. This is not a guarantee of your child’s safety.)
  • BEST TYPE OF OWNER: Experienced (prior experience beneficial)

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