Adoptable Cats


Domestic Short Hair
Age: 1 year

Bessy is a sweet girl who came to us from the Altona pound. She has been gentle and affectionate since the day she entered our building. She has since been cleared by our vet and is ready to find her new family! Bessy has been friendly with cats but tends to keep to herself. We brought a dog out to meet her and she did  great! She was rubbing all over them, but we still recommend a slow introduction just in case. Due to her laid back nature we also feel she would do well with kids that she can play and cuddle with.

Adoption Fee: $100.00

  • Energy Level: Medium
  • Size: Medium
  • Ok with Dogs:Slow introductions
  • Ok with Cats: Yes
  • Ok with Children: 5  years or older recommended (This means that to our knowledge, the cat hasn’t shown aggressive or predatory behaviour & appears to have a temperament that is likely to be compatible with children. This is not a guarantee of your child’s safety.)
  • BEST TYPE OF OWNER: Capable (prior experience beneficial)

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