Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Pembina Valley Humane Society do?

The PVHS offers many services to the community from adoptions to education campaigns.

Where does funding for the PVHS come from?

The PVHS is primarily funded by donations from individuals, by Pembina Valley cities, towns, and RMS, and by grants from other charitable foundations.

What is the structure of the PVHS?

The PVHS is governed by a Board of Directors that focuses on strategic shelter planning, policy governance, and budgetary decisions.  The shelter's day-to-day operations are led by a few key staff members, as well as the countless volunteers who ensure that every animal receives the vetting, care, and attention they require.

What types of animals come to the PVHS?

  • stray cats and dogs from local pounds across the Pembina Valley
  • owner-surrendered pets
  • seizures by area Animal Protection Officers
  • animals rescued from northern and remote communities

Is the Pembina Valley Humane Society a "No Kill" shelter?

A "no kill" shelter is one that does not euthanize healthy or treatable animals, even when the shelter is full.  At the PVHS, no animal is euthanized for space.  The staff at the PVHS manage admissions and resources through the use of wait lists and foster programs.  An animal may be humanly euthanized for untreatable behavior or health issues.

Is there a "time limit" for animals in the care of the PVHS?

No.  Once the animal reaches our adoption area, they will remain there until they find a home.  This can take days, weeks, months, or even years.  The animal may be removed from the shelter to foster care, or relocated to a partner shelter, if we feel it will increase their chances of getting adopted.

How do I surrender an animal?

If you are in need of surrendering an animal, please call 204-822-9413 or learn more here.

Why does the PVHS require an animal surrender fee?

Each animal that enters our system requires care and this costs money.  We are proud to be able to offer some of the lowest adoption fees in the province, but our adoption fees don’t even come close to covering the costs we incur for the animal while it is in our care.  Having a shelter facility means we have a mortgage to pay, utilities, staff salary, supplies, and other costs each month, plus each animal requires veterinary care. We charge a surrender fee to help offset some of these costs.

What do I do if I find a lost or stray animal?

If you have found a stray or injured animal, please follow these steps:

Monday to Friday - please call your local city/town/RM  or animal control officers at one of the numbers below to report a lost or found animal, and they will direct you to the appropriate pound.

Evenings / Weekends / Holidays - please call the appropriate number here; they may operate after hours.  For Morden, Winkler, the RM of Stanley, the RM of  Roland, or the RM of Thompson (dogs only) you may bring the animal to the Morden Veterinary Clinic on SATURDAY ONLY.  Otherwise you must call your local city/town/RM office prior to bringing the animal to the pound.

If you have no after-hour services:

  • post the found pet in local community groups on social media
  • check for any identification
  • if you are unable to hold the animal until the next business day (or it is an emergency) call your local police station or RCMP office (DO NOT CALL 911)

A list of those phone numbers and more information can be found here.

How does the adoption process work?

When an animal is available for adoption, it will be posted on our website with all important details.  Adoption applications can be submitted online, or dropped off at the shelter.  Our team will do a reference check on all applicants; if an applicant is approved, we will contact the applicant to arrange a meet-and-greet with all household members and other pets to ensure that the pet and family are comfortable with each other in a controlled environment.  From there, discussions will be had between staff to determine to whom the animal will be adopted.

Oftentimes, an application is NOT first come, first served.  The team works tirelessly to find the most appropriate home for each animal, based on their behaviour, age, size, and other requirements.

Can the PVHS call me when a specific type of animal comes to the shelter?

No.  Unfortunately, due to an overwhelming demand for certain breeds and/or characteristics, we aren't able to maintain a list of potential adopters based on specific criteria.  We suggest visiting our website, Facebook page or Instagram frequently.

Why do you have an age recommendation for each animal?

A cat or dog can come into our care in a variety of ways. Depending on how the animal came to us, we are sometimes able to obtain a full history of their life prior to arriving, but other times their history is unknown. For every animal that comes into our care, we have a very comprehensive assessment process to determine what type of home would be the best fit for each animal. Our age limits are in place for the benefit of your family and to ensure that the animal will be comfortable in its new home.

Age limits can be placed for a variety of reasons:

  • A known history that the dog or cat is not comfortable with children
  • The animal has displayed behaviours that would not be safe around children
  • The animal has a boisterous personality and may be able to injure a small child

Even if your child has experience with animals, not every child that will enter your home does and it is not fair for your family or the animal to be in a situation where it will be uncomfortable or feel unsafe.

Can I adopt a pet as a gift?

The PVHS discourages people from adopting pets as gifts for other adults. A pet is a long term commitment, and the pet you choose for someone may not be the pet they would choose for themselves. Parents are permitted to adopt a pet as a gift for children, although we still suggest that the pet meet the whole family as the best choice.

How do I become a monthly donor?

Monthly donors are crucial to the sustainability of the PVHS.  Donations from caring individuals like you mean we can keep our doors open and by making this commitment to give you help ensure our charity has the funds it needs to re-home unwanted animals in the Pembina Valley.  As little as even $5 a month can make a huge difference!

Monthly donations mean so many things can be covered: they reduce admin time and costs, which means the funds can go right to animal care, vet bills, utilities and staffing; ensures sustainability to allow us to provide consistent care for our animals and reduces stress on our fundraising volunteers to plan events; allows us to plan for future long term projects and initiatives.

You can become a monthly donor here.

Do you accept donations in honour of a person or a special event?

Absolutely!  You can make a donation in honour of a friend or a special occasion such as a birthday, a wedding, or holidays.  You can do that on our website here, or by using other platforms such as GoFundMe or Facebook.

Can I make a donation in memory of a family member or pet?

Yes.  An "in memoriam" gift is a wonderful way to honour the memory of a person or pet.  This can be done here.  You can learn more about Memorials and Bequeathments here.

How else can I support the PVHS?

There are lots of ways to help the shelter.

How do I become a volunteer?

The PVHS is grateful for the compassionate care, dependability and skills that our volunteers bring to the benefit of the animals in our care.  Individuals from our community commit time, talents and donations to assist staff and support the animal programs that allow us to continue the important work that we do in animal welfare in the Pembina Valley.

See the list of Volunteer Positions at the PVHS here.  When you see a position you are interested in, complete a Volunteer Application Form and submit it to our Volunteer & Community Outreach Coordinator.  When your application is received, our team will call to schedule an interview and discuss volunteer placement.

How old do you need to be to volunteer at the PVHS?

Generally we would like volunteers to be over the age of 16, however exceptions can be made should a child's parent or guardian is present when performing volunteer duties.  For more information on this policy, please call the shelter at 204-822-9413

Do you offer school credits?

Yes!  Our Volunteer & Community Outreach Coordinator is happy to write letters of reference for volunteers that exemplify a positive attitude and show themselves to be reliable, hardworking, and dedicated to their volunteer efforts.  If you or your child wishes to earn school credit by volunteering at the PVHS, please call 204-822-9413

If I am not a registered volunteer, can I still come play with the animals?

Due to health and safety reasons, we restrict direct interaction between shelter animals and members of the public.  We are working hard to maintain animal, staff, and volunteer health in the shelter.  We certainly will welcome your application to join our great group of volunteers!