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The Board of Directors is comprised of individuals willing to take on a leadership role within the organization. Our board is currently full.

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Alesha Unrau

Shelter Manager

Alesha was a dedicated volunteer for about 7 years (doing chores, events, pee break) before we saw her incredible value and hired her to be our Shelter Manager.  She has almost a shelter of her own at home…have 1 dog Cabela, 2 Cats (Remi, rescued on a -45 winter day as kitten and Tobi, formerly Mario from PVHS).  Not just that but she has fostered a total of 44 animals for PVHS since starting employment!  When she isn’t caring for her animals at home and work, she spends time with family and friends, goes camping, fishing and drag racing a few times a year.

Chelsey Lincoln

Assistant Shelter Manager (Currently on Maternity Leave)

Chelsey grew up in Winnipeg and moved to Winkler in 2019. She has always had pets in the household since she was born.  Once she turned 19 she started her passion in animal care and to this day still  loves what she does. Chelsey and her family currently have two beautiful, energetic dogs,  Bella and Luna.   Aside from loving animals; she also enjoys movies, hockey, biking and spending time with family.

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Cheyanne Klassen

Volunteer Coordinator

Cheyanne has lived in the Pembina Valley area for most of her life. She just graduated from high school in 2020 and although she is young and has only volunteered at the PVHS for a few months, she is very excited to be a member of the team. Cheyanne grew up in the country and had 2 family dogs, but is now living in Morden with her girlfriend and has definitely become more of a cat person. She has recently adopted Lily, a cat from the PVHS, and likes to help out by fostering other cats as well. She will definitely be fostering more cats in the future, and is excited to see what the future holds.

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Selena Ducharme


Selena was born in Winnipeg and after a couple of moves, found herself moving to Morden in 2008. She went to school in Morden, graduating in 2014. After graduation, she started at her current job and loves every second of it. She loves to play badminton, walk, read, and loves spending time with her husband and cats. Selena started volunteering at the PVHS doing dog walking and dog chores in September 2019 and knew she wanted to do more.

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Audrey Wiebe


Audrey was born and raised in Morden, MB and even after living in Calgary for 10 years considers herself a country girl at heart.  She currently is a co-owner and COO of a Morden based manufacturing company.  She has several rescued and adopted animals – from senior dogs, abandoned cats, parrots and even a rescued pigeon!  Audrey looks forward to serving on the PVHS board and leading the shelter towards growth and sustainability.

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Janeen Robinson

Vice Chair

Janeen and her family moved to Winkler a year ago. Having always been drawn to animals Janeen has rehabilitated everything from raccoons, rabbits, dogs, cats and even parrots. She worked in the animal industry for over 10 years. Now a neuroscience student at the University of Winnipeg she aspires to be a doctor. When not studying her time is focused on raising her 6 year old son who has the best friend any kid could ever wish for “Winkie” their family cat who runs the household.

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Kate Yezhova


Kate started volunteering at the PVHS in 2014 and right away fell in love with the shelter, its welcoming community, and its strong values. After taking a break from volunteering for work-related reasons, she is extremely happy to be back, this time serving as a secretary for the Board. Kate is an animal welfare advocate and a grad student in oceanography who loves all things water. In her free time, you can find Kate hiking or kayaking with her four-legged companion named Amie.

Holly Thorne

Public Relations Chair

Holly comes to us from Winnipeg, having followed her heart to Winkler to be with a man who is incredibly allergic to animals.  However, she managed to convince him that we needed to adopt our boy Freddie from the PVHS! She is able to channel her passion for animal welfare into the role of Public Relations Chair to help all of the animals find their fur-ever homes.

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Michael Fehr


Michael is our number cruncher and he loves animals of all kinds.  He has been volunteering at the PVHS working a cat housekeeping shift since August 2018.  With a mind for finances he decided he wanted to expand his contribution to our organization and joined the board as Treasurer.  Now he makes sure all of our bills are paid, all income is accounted for, and handles anything else finance-related that the board might need.

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Reid Graham


Reid comes to us from Ile des Chenes with an abundance of accounting and finance knowledge.  He works for a large accounting firm in Winnipeg and is a CPA.  Dogs have been a large part of his life and he knows the joys a pet can give!  Reid will provide the PVHS with the financial guidance to grow and serve the community in all ways possible.

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Tanya Rempel

Sponsorship Chair

Tanya volunteered with PVHS for 9 years before joining our team as the Sponsor Chair. She’s been helping with fundraising events in many different capacities and can also be seen regularly playing with the dogs in our backyard and snapping photos for our website. Tanya has one rescue dog Sadie and has fostered 10 animals with PVHS. When she’s not volunteering she enjoys being outdoors and travelling.

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Breanna Giesbrecht

Education Chair

Breanna grew up in a family of animal lovers in Winkler. They moved to Winnipeg to attend university and settled down there after completing their Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees. Breanna has always been passionate about animal welfare and educating others about adoption and care of animals. They adopted their cat, Birdie, from PVHS in 2008 and, after her passing in 2018, began fostering cats through WHS and PVHS. When not playing with foster cats, Breanna can be found working, reading, or caring for their plants.

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Caitlin Parr

Fundraising Chair

Caitlin moved to Morden 7 years ago and has been volunteering at the humane society since then. She has volunteered in a few different positions, and loved them all, but fundraising seems to be her calling. She is the proud owner of 2 PVHS alumni, Thor and Loki (formerly Brookes and Dunn) and has fostered a number of other animals for the shelter. She has a passion for sports, education, pop culture, and animal advocacy.

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Karlie Stewin

Fundraising Co-Chair

Karlie moved to the Pembina Valley in 2019. Having grown up around animals her whole life, Karlie is passionate about animal welfare and excited to be a member of the Pembina Valley Humane Society. When not working or volunteering, Karlie enjoys reading, writing, baking, and fantasy hockey.

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Cordell Ducharme

Maintenance Chair

Cordell comes in with a wealth of construction experience and looks forward to putting this knowledge to use. When growing up, Cordell and his family adopted many cats and dogs from the PVHS. Now he and his wife continue to bring animals into their home. Cordell looks forward to helping maintain the Humane Society in any way possible.

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Tania Sigurdson

Grants Chair

Tania has been a happy dog chore volunteer for the last number of years and has had the pleasure to both foster and adopt through PVHS.  Tania is passionate about animals & education and at PVHS she has found both.  Tania is excited to be a member of the PVHS board and is looking forward to the many furry adventures ahead.

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Laurie Magotiaux


Laurie is the little engine that could! On several occasions she comes straight off a 12 hour nursing shift to volunteer at fundraising events. Her outgoing personality is indispensable when it comes to community connections and securing sponsors. She also does a lot of work behind the scenes when it comes to organizing, decorating and developing for fundraisers. You name the task and she’s willing to help!

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Tim Klassen


Tim moved to Morden 9 years ago, and since 2018 has been volunteering at the shelter. He loves animals, especially seeing improvements to their health, sociability, and potential. He travels the world to discover food, is often baking something or fiddling with his plants, and relaxes at Manitoba’s many folk festivals.

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Stephanie Chudley


Stephanie is a mom to two active boys and a wife to a very busy husband. When she isn’t camping in the summer or watching her boys play hockey in the winter, she hangs out at home with her two furry family members, Tucker and Sadie.  She is passionate about offering her time, talents and resources to community causes and is excited to help animals in the Pembina Valley region. She believes that pets help people, so people should help pets.

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Jamel Braun


Jamel is most often found camping and exploring the outdoors. He recently added a furry family member, Ginny, to his household in 2020 and has enjoyed including her in the adventures ever since. He is excited to use his skills & education in business and technology to contribute to the humane society and get more involved in the community through PVHS.

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