The mission of the Pembina Valley Humane Society is to support humane and sustainable communities for all animals through education, advocacy, respect and responsibility.

“About 2 months ago I came to the PVHS in search of a new member for my family. Little did I know it was going to be love at first sight. Alexis joined my home (now Lexi) and has warmed all of our hearts. I am extremely thankful for all the time and effort that was put into her before I found her. She is a wonderful puppy with the most laid back and gentle manner. SO THANK YOU FOR HER :D”

We adopted our first pet through PVHS this past April. He had been nurtured and cared for in his foster home and turned out to be such a joy that we were quick to return once the new building was complete to pick out the next addition to our little family. We fell in love with a tiny kitten that was in quarantine for a respiratory infection, and chose to wait out the length of her treatment until we were able to take her home. The staff was courteous and informative during this period, and our newest member is now happy, healthy and incredibly rambunctious! Thank you so much PVHS, we will be back!

My family would like to Thank You for sending all those puppies to Edmonton on Halloween of this year. We had just recently lost our beloved Giz, a 12 year old Lab Cross and were not really looking to replace him. Then we heard about the lab puppies coming from you and our daughters wasted no time going to the Humane office and staking out their choice. We brought him home on Nov 1/10-We took home Ranger but have re-named him Max. He has been a pure joy. Very laid back good temperment and he has already figured out as to which human he can con out of their snack.

What a great shelter, very well kept, animals look clean and healthy, wonderful staff and fantastic caregivers!

I think that this is an excellent facility for pets.

The PVHS is the best thing that could have happened for this area. The animals now have a temporary home until they find the final home. The animals are very well taken care of and LOVED!! Congrats to the people that made it happen.

I adopted one of the puppies that came to us from you, she is a little sweetheart and has brought so much joy back into our home after losing our last dog to Cancer.  She was called Bradi when we got her, we renamed her Lady (because she really is) I would like to thank all of you for the time and effort to send these pups to us here in Edmonton. And my hopes and prayers go out to all of you and our furry friends there. God Bless

Just started volunteering at PVHS and I absolutely LOVE it!!! If I wasn’t already up to my ears in cats I’d like to take them all home they are so well cared for and the amount the attention and cuddling they get makes them all purrfect pets! If you’re looking for your new best friend feline or canine you HAVE to check out this shelter!

I walked Hope, and she is definitely starting to come out of her shell. She was really only scared when a couple of quads came by us and when cars drove by, but she was even pretty good, then. My mom walked Niko, and she has gotten so much more hyper then she was last time. It must be a Lab thing, because when we had a Lab staying at our house, it was winter and he went crazy in the snow, but during the summer he was perfectly fine.

I’m really looking forward to being a volunteer at the PVHS! I just went to the orientatin on the 13th. I love how well the animals are taken care of. PVHS is just what southern manitoba needed to make it an even better place to live!

I had the pleasure today of being given a tour of this wonderful facility. I met the dogs there and saw the cats in what only can be described as “cat heaven rooms”.  I would encourage anyone who is thinking of adding a dog or cat to their home to look first at PVHS. The care they show these animals is the best I have seen.

 I took my daughter for a cat cuddling session and we had a wonderful time. My daughter loved hugging them and playing with their toys with them. We also visited the dogs while we were there and actually got to pet Rosie. Either way this is an amazing facility with very dedicated volunteers.

Loving people. Loving animals. Loving homes.

That is what PVHS is all about!

I Love The PVHS It Is a Wonderful Place To Volunteer at! I Recommend Everyone (14yrs or older) To Volunteer Here!

It Is A lot of Fun!

This is a great place for dogs and cats!

We will be adopting a dog here sometime soon! Can’t wait!