Safety is a huge concern for us here at PVHS! While we love our pets it’s important to remember they are still animals and can act out if frightened or upset. Please see the brochure in regards to safety for children and animals.

We are always willing to make visits in the community to educate children about animal safety and responsible pet ownership. If your school or group would like us to visit your classroom or meeting please contact the shelter manager at 204.822.9413 or

Safety Brochure

Spring Safety Tips

It’s finally time for the snow to melt, time to break out the shorts and start gardening! But for pet owners there are some things you should keep in mind over the next few months:

With the flowers comes something much less pleasant: bugs. Specifically fleas and ticks, now is the time to treats your pets BEFORE it becomes a problem. You can get over the counter flea medication that is simple and easy to use, or talk to your vet about other methods.

Spring is the time most people clean house, they rid themselves of all the useless junk they acquired over the winter. When you’re cleaning your house, make sure any toxic chemicals are put up and away from your pets and double check cleaners just in case they are harmful for your furbabies.

And last, with Easter up and coming flowers will be everywhere! Not all flowers are safe for your pets. Lilies specifically are highly toxic to our feline friends so be careful what you plant in your gardens or bring into your homes.