No Bad Dogs Obedience Training

We’re offering an obedience training 2 day workshop on July 14 -15, 2018  from 2pm – 3:30pm for $50!  The program will be run through No Bad Dogs Training with Tracie Titchkosky.  Register today by emailing the form to!!


Tracie Titchkosky started her career in the animal industry in 1996 at a Veterinary Clinic in Calgary Alberta. She worked as a receptionist at a practice that employed an animal behaviourist and began her unofficial education in dog behaviour at that time. In 1999 she adopted Atlas, a remarkable Rottweiler, who changed her life. She took Atlas through many levels of obedience including amateur agility until 2003 when Atlas lost a leg in an accident and was no longer able to compete.

Tracie continued working in various sectors of the animal world but always came back to veterinary clinics. This is where she found the most joy and the biggest feeling of accomplishment and job satisfaction. She spent a lot of her time researching and studying problem solving techniques for clients and in 2014 decided to make her position official and completed a certification course in Dog Obedience Instruction. She started No Bad Dogs Training soon after with the support of her employers, family and friends.

Tracie focuses her attention on reward based training and respects the science behind the no fear, no stress, no pain style of training that a large majority of the dog training industry is utilizing.

She truly believes there are No Bad Dogs and that understanding the behaviour brings us closer to solving many of the problems we face as pet parents.