Adoptable Cats


Domestic Short Hair
Age: 4 months

Russell is still a small young boy who has more personality than his little body can hold. He enjoys playing awkwardly with other kittens, climbing everything in sight, running really really fast and napping. He is definitely a very outgoing and chatty boy who is always excited to tell you stories about his day. A slow introduction to any other cats or dogs would be best for this guy as he has a hard time containing his excitement and can be a bit too much for some animals. When Russell is not running around and playing he enjoys taking in as many snuggles and naps with his humans as he can.

Adoption Fee: $115.00

  • Energy Level: Medium
  • Size: Medium
  • Ok with Dogs: Slow Introduction
  • Ok with Cats: Slow Introduction
  • Ok with Children: 5 years or older recommended (This means that to our knowledge, the cat hasn’t shown aggressive or predatory behaviour & appears to have a temperament that is likely to be compatible with children. This is not a guarantee of your child’s safety.)
  • BEST TYPE OF OWNER: Capable (prior experience beneficial)

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