Available Positions


3 Year Term (2 years Chair, 1 year Past Chair)


  • Provides overall leadership and accountability to the Board of Directors and Management
    • Acts as the figurehead of the organization, liaison between PVHS and outside parties (Veterinarian, Emergency personnel, vendors, contractors, general public, etc.)
    • Drives change and improvement through strategic planning, Board governance, sustainability and operational excellence

    • Passion for the welfare of animals
    • Superior interpersonal skills, including sensitivity, confidentiality, approachability, objectivity
    • Strong people leadership skills and strategic orientation
    • Business and financial acumen
    • Prior Board leadership experience in a Nonprofit organization
    • Knowledge of Robert’s Rules of Order, experience Chairing meetings
    • Ability to lead valuable discussion, leverage opinions and keep Board members accountable during meetings
    • Ability to effectively manage and clearly communicate deadlines and requirements
    • Strong organizational skills
    • Diplomacy and professionalism
    • Problem solving skills
    • Valid class 5 driver’s license

    • Ensures the Board adheres to its bylaws, policies and constitution
    • Oversees all shelter operations and staff
    • Encourages Board members to participate in meetings and activities
    • Keeps the Board’s discussion on topic by summarizing issues
    • Recognizes Board Members’ contributions to the Board’s work
    • Supports all business activities, working with and through directors in all areas (Fundraising, Public Relations, Maintenance, etc.)
    • Oversees all spending and financial decisions, works with Treasurer to ensure prudent financial management
    • Promotes the organization’s purpose in the media and the community

    • Chairs monthly Board meetings and Executive Committee
    • Meets monthly with Shelter Manager following Board meeting
    • Remains on-call for emergencies
    • Maintains staff documentation (contracts, confidentiality agreements, criminal record checks, performance evaluations, etc.)
    • Handles all staff and public concerns, escalating to the Board as necessary
    • Works with Secretary to update policies and procedures
    • Sets up annual grant meetings with community councils
    • Prepares a report for the AGM
    • Conducts elections at the AGM
    • Supply order management (ordering, deliveries, etc.)
    • Other duties as required

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  • Fundraising Chair & Co-Chair

    Term: 2 Years


    • Reviews the mandate of the committee as outlined by the board
    • Establishes fundraising goals in conjunction with the board
    • Recruits an appropriate number of committee members to carry out the mandate
    • Orients committee members to their mandate and guides committee work
    • Calls committee meetings and develops agendas with input from members
    • Chairs committee meetings, records & files minutes
    • Reports committee progress to the board
    • Encourage member participation
    • Recognize member contributions
    • Orients the new Fundraising Chair/Co-Chair
    • Acts as a contact person & co-ordinates major fundraising events and campaigns with committee
    • Delegates appropriate tasks to committee members
    • Makes sure that legal requirements related to fundraising are fulfilled
    • Seeks out & researches new fundraising ideas
    • Become familiar with and adhere to board policy
    • Relays event information to PR Chair(s) for advertising


    • Ability to organize events
    • Ability to delegate tasks
    • Ability to communicate clearly
    • Strong organizational skills
    • Ability to lead meetings and summarize discussions
    • Detail oriented
    • Polite and professional manner
    • Ability to use technology (create presentations and track data)
    • Strong leadership skills
    • Ability to effectively coordinate volunteers/committee members

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    Public Shift (Volunteer)

    This position requires confidentiality at all times. As you will be working with the general public handling inquiries about our animals, but also potentially their pets to be surrendered and personal information on forms, it is very important to be professional, courteous and confidential at all times.

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    Some of the basic tasks to be completed by the Public Shift Volunteer:

    • Answering the telephone during public hours and taking messages or assisting the public
    • Tracking attendance of the visitors
    • Greeting visitors and inquiring as to what services they require
    • Providing forms for visitors in regards to volunteering, adoption applications etc.
    • Conduct reference checks when needed
    • Conduct adoption follow ups when needed
    • Dust and tidy the main lobby area so it is presentable to the general public
    • Assisting in adoption pick-ups (fill in paper work as required)
    • Assisting in surrenders (fill in paper work as required)
    • Assist with payments for services PVHS offers, including gift shop items
    • Assisting with viewing animals for adoptions (showing visitors around the shelter)
    • Odd jobs as required

    Skills Required

    • Very polite when dealing with the public
    • Excellent communication skills primarily verbally
    • Patient and understanding
    • Comprehension of confidentiality
    • Excellent “Public Relation” skills
    • Attention to detail
    • Punctual
    • Experience dealing with the public and answering the telephone