Available Positions

Assistant Shelter Manager

Part Time - Paid

The Assistant Shelter Manager will work under the direct supervision of the Shelter Manager


  • recruit
  •  orient and train
  • coordinate volunteers – schedule/events
  • monitor volunteer performance
  • update volunteers on procedures and information
  • establish chore routines and expectations
  • forward volunteer concerns to board liaison


  • work together with board to determine public hours
  • handling public showings
  • coordinate adoptions/adoption process/adoption follow up
  • update website/facebook
  • check/respond to emails
  • handling public hours, and the interactions therein


  • daily care and observation
  • complete chore shifts
  • medical care/monitoring
  • handle intakes/returns


  • manage supply inventory
  • coordinate food order, supply orders with board liaison
  • monitor building for maintenance – report building issues to board


  • recruit and monitor foster placements


  • update/manage animal records
  • network with other rescues/animal organizations
  • monitor other paid staff in Shelter Manager’s absence

All other duties as Assigned by Shelter Manager or the Board of Directors

  • Part time hours – delegation of which to be determined together with Shelter Manager and board liaison
  • In all areas – work together with the Full Time Shelter Manager in a positive and productive manner
  • Together with Full Time Manager, submit monthly report to Board
  • Direct concerns/inquiries to Shelter Manager and/or Board Liason
  • In all matters, refer to PVHS policy for direction. When unsure, direct concerns to Board of Directors
  • In all areas, the Assistant Shelter Manager will conduct him/herself in a professional manner

**Detailed job description available upon request

To apply please email resume and cover letter to pvhsvp@hotmail.com

Closing date:  October 1

Public Shift - Volunteer

This position requires confidentiality at all times. As you will be working with the general public handling inquiries about our animals, but also potentially their pets to be surrendered and personal information on forms, it is very important to be professional, courteous and confidential at all times.

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Some of the basic tasks to be completed by the Public Shift Volunteer:

  • Answering the telephone during public hours and taking messages or assisting the public
  • Tracking attendance of the visitors
  • Greeting visitors and inquiring as to what services they require
  • Providing forms for visitors in regards to volunteering, adoption applications etc.
  • Conduct reference checks when needed
  • Conduct adoption follow ups when needed
  • Dust and tidy the main lobby area so it is presentable to the general public
  • Assisting in adoption pick-ups (fill in paper work as required)
  • Assisting in surrenders (fill in paper work as required)
  • Assist with payments for services PVHS offers, including gift shop items
  • Assisting with viewing animals for adoptions (showing visitors around the shelter)
  • Odd jobs as required

Skills Required

  • Very polite when dealing with the public
  • Excellent communication skills primarily verbally
  • Patient and understanding
  • Comprehension of confidentiality
  • Excellent “Public Relation” skills
  • Attention to detail
  • Punctual
  • Experience dealing with the public and answering the telephone

Building Maintenance/Supervisor - Volunteer

Term: 2 years


  • Stay current with building issues and concerns
  • Ability to address minor building and repair issues
  • Generate contacts within the community relevant to long term and short term building projects
  • Make suggestions to board regarding solutions to building maintenance issues
  • Maintain Shelter Van – bring for service appointments, be alert for repair issues with van
  • Attend Monthly board meetings
  • Attend annual AGM
  • prepare and present report at monthly board meetings and AGM
  • Understands and adheres to Board policy
  • Coordinate building projects and repairs in conjunction with the Shelter Manager
  • Make sure that regular building maintenance in performed (ie: Furnace, HVAC, appliances, etc)


  • Skills and understanding in the areas of general repair and building maintenance
  • Ability to assist in preparing for capital projects:
  • Preparing estimates, working with contractors on estimates when necessary
  • Preparing PVHS site for capital projects
  • Ability to work together with Shelter Manager and Board to trouble shoot solutions to Maintenance issues
  • Willingness to seek out and meet with outside contractors/experts to explore solutions to PVHS building capital issues
  • Ability to clearly communicate building problems to contractors

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Treasurer - Volunteer

Term - 2 Years


  • Attend monthly board meetings.
  • Serves as chair of the finance/audit committee.
  • Provides monthly reports to the Board on the financial state of the organization.
  • Orients the new Treasurer.
  • Reviews monthly bookkeeping and advises of any changes required
  • Completes payroll bi-weekly (reviewing hours of staff, ROE’s as required)
  • Prepares payroll remittance forms monthly due on the 15th of each month
  • Communicates with CRA on matters related to GST, payroll, charity status, etc.
  • Complete yearly Charity Return.
  • Complete semi-annual GST form.
  • Complete yearly T4s for employees.
  • Responsible for answering or looking into financial related questions or concerns of the Board.
  • Responsible for implementing and monitoring internal controls of the organization.
  • Developing the annual budget and presenting it to the Board in comparison with actual results.
  • Preparation of the year-end financial statements
  • Developing any financial presentation material required for fundraising or grant requirements.
  • Presenting financial information at grant hearings and annual general meeting.
  • Aides and communicates with the accounting staff on day to day financial


  • Knowledgeable in general accounting and finance information.
  • Ability to translate financial information and financial concepts to the Board.
  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft office software.
  • Knowledgeable in an accounting program (quickbooks).

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